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Strategies to enhance student engagement in the online classroom


Lorne Young

Lorne Young (BSc, BEd, DAc) has been a teacher of Western science, a student of ancient Eastern science and an educational researcher for over 40 years. He is passionate about applying synergetic and whole systems thinking in his teaching and has developed a system of techniques and strategies that has been researched and found successful in improving students’ academic and athletic performance as well as having an impact on building character and leadership. This research has been recently published in his latest book SyRF Systems, The Synergetic Redesigning of Fitness. He has also written and published a teachers’ course guide and student lab manual for the IB Environmental Systems and Societies course and is an international speaker, an IB workshop leader for Biology, Environmental Systems and Societies, Sports, Exercise and Health Science and CAS, an IB senior examiner and Team Leader, Extended Essay examiner, Consultant, Site Visitor, CAS Coordinator and IB teacher of Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies. He has been employing mindful meditation with his students for over 2 decades and most recently he has designed, developed and leads workshops for both teachers and students on the use of mindful meditation in the classroom to help manage stress, increase focus and attention and build resilience and perseverance.

OUR Speakers

Fabián Cherny

Fabián Cherny has been an IB Physics examiner since 1999. In 2017 he became the IB Chief
Examiner for DP Physics. Fabián holds university degrees in engineering and in education. He has
worked as Head of Science at the prestigious St Andrew’s Scots School in Buenos Aires for over 10
years before becoming Head of Secondary at St-Martin’s and then Chaltel College.
Fabián believes firmly in education as a tool to model the world into a better place and thinks that
education is, by nature, collaborative, creative and relevant. Without any doubt, the tool to provide
students with the skills they need for college and career.
Fabián lives in Buenos Aires and enjoys playing tennis, field in which he worked as international
professional chair umpire for over 5 years before moving into the teaching world.



Lorne Young​

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Dr Jeremy Young

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Fabian Cherny

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Jeff Cummings




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Who we are

RCOSSE is a not-for-profit organization of international educators and leaders who are committed to the evolution and advancement of Online education through research, exploring the synergies between different educational ecosystems and tapping into the creativity of teachers and students.

Our Mission

The Research Centre for Online Secondary School Education (RCOSSE) promotes and supports the development of online and hybrid learning for international schools. By bringing together international expertise, best practice and innovation, RCOSSE provides leadership in online education. The practical application of the most advanced technology, creative strategies, consistent professional development and focused research fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation in online and hybrid learning. This online and hybrid learning establishes new perspectives and opportunities for students, teachers and educational partners.

Our Goals

RCOSSE has identified the following goals:

Conduct, support, organize, and facilitate research in the evolution of online and hybrid learning

Establish best practices in the practical application of new technologies in online and hybrid education

Build connections with internal and external stakeholders that benefit online and hybrid learning research

Encourage collaboration between local and international faculty and staff to improve online and hybrid learning research

Increase access to and awareness of online and blended learning research

Create synergies between research and the enhancement of current online education practices and student engagement